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If you are curious about me here is my story... 


Hi, my name is Karina Apolonia Czapla, born into the body of a Manifestor (one of the Human Design Aura Types), and my mission is to impact you so profoundly, that you have no choice, but to love yourself. I do it with sensitivity, in the spirit of togetherness and support.

By interpreting your bodygraph, I desire to sing the song of your essence, transmuting the confusion of the past into profound realisations, so you can let go of the oppression of your mind telling you about everything that is wrong with you and should be changed. 

myBodyGraph - Karina Czapla.png

My Journey with Human Design System started a few years ago when for the first time in my life, when I was reading the description of my aura type I felt seen and understood like never before. The information spoke to my body, giving me chills and profound confirmation of the truth vibrating through my cells. This system is not about believing in anything, it is about experimenting. So I started the experiment right away. My strategy to INFORM and the need of  WAITING for CLARITY has changed my life very quickly. I did not blame myself anymore that I am so slow to make a decision, I have finally embraced it. With every decision from my body came more awareness. With every decision that was against my body, came even more awareness. Mistakes were needed to prove to myself time and time again that my body knows more than my mind. It is like taking a red pill, you can not go back.  

As a 6th line being (on of the components of the Human Design profile) I had a very intense and traumatic upbringing. Human Design System brought peace and understanding to the first phase of my life and help me to realise that that is exactly what needed to happen for me to be who I am now and who I am going to become in this lifetime. For me, there is an incredible beauty in seeing a life through the lens of  patterns and movement of energy, through the mechanics. No blame, no shame, no fault. 

Human Design System is not for everybody. It reveals so much but requires you to relearn everything you know about yourself and the world and it demands that you trust only your own authority, no matter what everybody says. No matter if people judge you because you choose something they do not understand. All of it requires time, making mistakes, learning from them, and a lot of  sense of humour :) because we take life way too seriously. You are here to see a movie. A movie where you are a main character and if you are enjoying the movie, if you hate the movie, you are bored with the movie... well... it is a long movie... You will see it all. Human Design helps you to see this movie with more awareness and less suffering. If you choose so. Decision after decision. Mistake after mistake. Magic and beauty. Pain and depth of every tear you cry. Anxiety, fear, joy, and excitement. This is how I walk my path. With a little bit more awareness and awe... because even if I make decisions... there is a nature of existence that I do not grasp and I have a feeling... I have no choice but to watch a movie :) 

In this movie, I totally fell in love with the mechanics of the Human Design System. I would study, investigate, and learn however I could. Every day. I was curious if that system is a real deal, description of my design was so on point but what about others? As an Emotional Manifestor, I am here to start and initiate. I can just inform people, ask them and invite them if they would like to see their chart. I would pull up charts of friends, family members, people from work, and new people I met and I have no idea about their lives. Person after person was shocked how can I know so many details about them just by looking at this bodygraph. Every time that happened I knew it is a real deal. The desire of helping and supporting others through this system grew, and then clarity came that I want to be a professional and impact others even more profoundly. 

After years of study I became a certified Human Design Professional with credentials from the IHDS -  International Human Design School - the official learning institution created by the founder of the Human Design System Ra Uru Hu

Yet the biggest learning of this system comes from hearing the stories of those brave souls who come to me. I cherish every person with whom I am able to connect with on such a deep level.

It is all about real-life stories, struggles, victories, and experiences. When you connect with my work, I wish to witness your "Hero’s Journey" if you desire to share it. There is nothing more inspiring for me than looking at the world and seeing emerging leaders who are willing to lead themselves, embodying their deepest potential and practically creating a new paradigm during uncertain and changing times. It touches me deeply when I  witness us - heroes, beings of love - living this life.

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