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private 1-on-1 session

No matter if you are new to Human Design, or you have already experimented with this system for a long time, this 1-on-1 session is meant to initiate you into seeing yourself or whatever you are going through right now in a totally different light, through the lens of your beautiful design. 

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This session is going to deepen your process and provide support with anything that comes up for you. I want to witness you as you walk "The Hero's Journey".  You will be impacted. You will be moved. You will be seen.

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you can pay in full or choose the payment plan

Type of meeting: live via Zoom (you get the recording of the session). 
Duration: 2 hours per meeting.
Price: € 250 (possibility of a payment plan - 2 installments of € 125).

Booking the date of the consultation:
After the payment, I will contact you via email and we will set a date for our meeting and discuss the direction of the session, and what you would like to get the most support with. For any questions please contact me at 

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