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Are you an aspiring or current business owner...



You desire to build a passion-driven business that stands out from the crowd by creatively weaving the innovative mission of your soul blueprint & carefully crafting your offers based on your unique strengths, while you make a meaningful change in the lives of others without sacrificing your body in the process.

In order to do that...

You need to express your gifts  
knowing exactly how your

Core Frequency influences your
inside & outside world...

...and at the same time confidently

embracing your uniqueness,
bringing all parts of you on board.

 The thing is...

While you know that you came to
Earth with an important mission,

the pathway has remained
hidden from you.

You may have a “sense” or a “feeling”,
or you might have been moving in
a specific direction with your work

but the details are foggy...

That leaves you confused about
your next steps,
 so you
throw spaghetti on the wall
& hope that something will finally stick

(mostly it just slides).


This leads you to leak your energy on the things that don’t “move the needle” toward your dream, making you exhausted by endlessly spinning in circles, feeling guilty of not taking efficient action &  worrying that you’re missing out on the things that are important to you.


You sometimes doubt...

 If you can ever fully live out
your authentic self-expression,
creating a meaningful
difference with your work...

...while also abundantly
receiving money doing
what you love,

without sacrificing your
body & sanity in the process.

What if you wouldn't have to waste your precious years & life force energy being under uncomfortable pressure, trying to figure out (without success) how to embody your unique genius?




A 3 or 6 month Human Design & Somatic Infused  
private coaching immersion focused on 
jumpstarting or realigning  your service-based business,
to get you crystal clear on your unique point of difference
so you can stand out in your industry
without trying to be somebody that you're not.

I understand how hard it is to feel like you are...


When I was 20, in order to provide for myself and also get  a  university education, I started my first business.

While I was able to make money as entrepreneur, and I was really good at what I was doing, after 6 years of working as a make-up artist, stylist, costume designer, and studying at the same time, I burned out. The time I graduated university, I decided to move to a different country and start fresh, living in Amsterdam...

At that point I did not have any network (now I know that as a 4/6 Profile in Human Design, my network determines the quality of my life), so obviously... I couldn’t find any clients.

I was forced to take on the only option that was available to people who don’t speak the native language - I started a full-time job as a housekeeper in a hotel. 

From being a creative entrepreneur to cleaning toilets... it was hard, to say the least. 

For the next 3 years I dissociated from my body, worked 9-5, was physically exhausted, depressed & completely lost. I begged the Universe to help me, and in the most desperate time, when I almost gave up hope... 

I stumbled upon the Human Design System… 
At that moment I received an incredible gift.

I was granted access to The Map of My Genius.  
There was no going back from that… 

Graphic Map.png

That's why...

For the last 5 years I have been obsessed with learning and experimenting with this incredible body of knowledge. During that process, I discovered my own strengths which led me to become
Human Design Professional.

The problem was...

That even if my clients knew
how to make decisions from the body, 
they often would not follow through because their nervous system protective mechanisms were much stronger,  so they kept repeating the same patterns over & over again.

To support myself and my clients, I started education about the role of the nervous system & embraced somatic embodiment practices, eventually becoming an Integrative Somatic Parts Work Coach.  Adding this component to my Human Design professional career made the biggest difference in the world.

I developed my unique way of coaching that weaves in-depth Human Design analysis with Somatic Parts Work methodology that originates from IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy Style).



This process will support you  to embody your genius
& manifest the expression
of your Life's Work. 

Step 1


First, we'll explore your Human Design in depth so that you can access your multidimensional gifts and your unique self-expression that will infuse the vision for your business model, offers & your marketing. Everything is connected, and there isn’t one thing in your chart that when analyzed without a context and in isolation will determine the whole spectrum of the blueprint of your soul & body.  

Yet, just having the information about your specific design, even though it is a very important element to start with, is not going to make a difference if you have parts of you that are not feeling safe with taking action towards embodying the expression of your magnetic AF Self.

Step 2


Now that your unique gifts are activated, we'll open up a dialogue with the versions of you who are still in conflict with expressing these gifts. For example, the versions of you who question whether you have the capacity to be more visible with your work, those who procrastinate on taking action that you know in your heart would bring you closer to your desires.

Without getting these different versions of you "on board", you'll stay on the hamster wheel of inconsistency and self-sabotage in your business. The key component to this step lies in reweaving these patterns in your nervous system which then makes it more effortless for you to build & sustain your body of work. 

Step 3


The final step is to create the pathway for your unique differentiation and all of the beautiful versions of you to come into congruence and to take aligned action by realigning or creating offers, sales, and marketing that are infused with this new embodied wisdom. This is the secret to not only remaining more consistent in business but also feeling fulfilled and having the impact you desire with your work.

Here we are bringing it all together so that you have a tangible  plan infused with practical ways of implementing details of your unique Human Design configuration & capacity of your nervous system. You will also learn how to expand this capacity beyond the program, so you can build the business of your dreams longterm.

Join this private coaching journey of cellular distinction so you can avoid blending with the majority, trying to follow a conditioned way of building a business based on dysregulated nervous system & lack of sustainability, which eventually leads to frustration, bitterness, anger, disappointment & burnout…


...and instead, get crystal clear about the direction best suited for your unique life force, and exhale knowing the details of how EXACTLY you are different from anybody else so that you can offer your skills in a way that is noticeably distinctive & innovative.



6 x Private Live
In-Depth Human Design Mapping Sessions

(2 hour each /
12 hours in total)

So that you know ins & outs of the blueprint of your Human Design configuration, weaved into a coherent story that makes sense together, instead of contradicting each other, and have a solid & detailed base for building the business that is aligned with your true essence while also receiving a private & most intimate experience tailored specifically to your unique needs.

(€3000 value)


6 x Private Live
Somatic Parts Work

& Integration Sessions

(1 hour each /
6 hours in total)

So that you can safely & deeply connect with different, often subconscious aspects of yourself and rewire the response of the nervous system in your body which allows you to experience energetic coherence, when all parts of you are marching together in a unified direction and you can take aligned action without the blockages of  your internal resistance.

(€1500 value)


Life-Time Access
 Living Your Design

Pre-Recorded Content 

(10 Core Modules /
15 hours in total)

So that you can immediately start discovering the most important aspects of the Human Design System  (like various energy types, body-led decision making strategies, depth of the 9 Centers configuration) allowing you to implement this knowledge for yourself and also for people in your life & business so that you have tools  to successfully work with your clients and / or team members.

(€500 value)



1 x Written & Visual custom-made presentation Your Unique Human Design Blueprint 

(around 100 slides)

So that you can experiment with various ways of taking in the depth of the most detailed elements of your unique design & speed up the integration of the coaching impact, while also allowing you to organize your key insights from the sessions & digest it in your own time and space. It is a beautifully designed Map of Your Brilliance that will serve you your whole life.

(€600 value)


1 x Private
Cycles Session*

Saturn Return / Uranus Opposition / Chiron Return

(2 hours long / * only for
pay-in-full enrolment

So that you know what themes are in store for you during various periods of your life & have insights about additional layers of your life purpose that can enhance the flavour & direction of your signature work in the world, while also having a deeper understanding about the inevitable changes in your timeline.

(€400 value)


Private Telegram*
Voice / Text Messaging between our
Coaching Calls

(*only for pay-in-full enrolment)

So that you can have your questions answered in between the calls and feel deeply supported, while we also leverage my own design (as an emotional Manifestor) so that I can inform you on powerful topics and concepts in contemplation of your journey, anytime when the initiation & clarity moves through my body,  so that you can collapse time and achieve your results even faster.

(€500 value)



One-time payment of


Early Bird Pricing till
16th of July 2024, then the price rises to €2555.

Choose weekly meetings over a period of 3 months or bi-weekly meetings over a period of 6 months - depending on your preferences (12 live sessions total).

All prices are in EUR.

*BONUSES for choosing Pay in Full: check details in Inclusions.


3 x monthly payments of


Early Bird Pricing till
16th of July 2024, then the
price rises to €870 x 3 months.

Choose weekly meetings over a period of 3 months or bi-weekly meetings over a period of 6 months - depending on your preferences (12 live sessions total).

All prices are in EUR.


5 x monthly payments of


Early Bird Pricing till
16th of July 2024, then the price rises to €530 x 5 months.

If you need an extended payment plan, choose this tier. We will meet bi-weekly over a period of 6 months (12 live sessions total). 

All prices are in EUR.


8 x monthly payments of


Early Bird Pricing till
16th of July 2024, then the price rises to €340 x 8 months.

If you need an extended payment plan, choose this tier. We will meet bi-weekly over a period of 6 months (12 live sessions total). 

All prices are in EUR.



There are countless people who offer Human Design business services. I am not offering you just that. While typical reading brings knowledge through the lens of the information, Somatic Parts Work which is enhanced by understanding the ins & outs of your Human Design chart, is what makes my method different from everything that you have seen so far.

It combines the reading part with the journey of creating a relationship with every trait of your design,
felt and experienced in your body, mapped and integrated into your nervous system. That is how you truly embody your unique life purpose, through the deep and intimate devotion to all parts of you, so that more of who you are can be uniquely and authentically expressed in this world, while you experience deeper levels of peace, satisfaction, success and surprise, enriching your personal life and magnifying the impact of your work & business.


Sarah Samuelson

Before working with Karina, I was just pushing the puzzle pieces of my Human Design around and wondering how it all fit together.
Having an in-depth readings with her felt like being truly seen for the first time. 

Karina possesses training that allows her to go deep into your chart, shine a light on the foggy areas, and bring the entire picture into form. 


I highly recommend working with her if you are at a crossroads in your life or just feeling like you are not seeing the full picture of who you can be. 


Aidan Kasta

Receiving my readings from Karina was a landmark moment in my life.  The radical change of perspective and insights into my nature were immediately life-changing. 

Also to have my power and gifts seen and reflected to me by Karina was one of the most powerful experiences of initiation I have had. 

It is amazing how when someone is in alignment with their nature, their gifts flow effortlessly and generously from the impulse of passion and care.
Karina has this innate wisdom that just pours out and many times has left me stunned.  Also, I felt so deeply supported and genuinely appreciated. I am so grateful for this. 





You will receive a Welcome Email with all the important info to get you set up & ready for this magical journey.


First you will fill in the questionnaire with your availability so we can set up dates for our private coaching calls. Depending on your payment plan, you can have option to choose how often you want to meet (weekly over a 3 month period, or bi-weekly over a 6 month period). All sessions are hosted over Zoom, recorded & time-zone flexible.

Living Your Design Portal 

You will start the process of getting clear on your intentions & desires for the program by login to Living Your Design Platform and listening to The Welcome Module.

Then if you wish, you can continue with prerecorded material so you can begin the learning journey immediately,  while you wait for our live meetings to start.



In-Depth Mapping (with Karina)


The 1st and 2nd sessions are going to be focused on in-depth Human Design mapping of your signature energetic presence, the decision-making process in your business (and life), your strengths & gifts that are going to show you your point of difference. We will also map the problems that you are designed to solve for your potential clients. This process will help you to get crystal clear on the vision & direction of your business (future one or the one you already have) & see the golden thread of your unique brand.

Somatic Reweaving (with Karina & Anna)

Then during the 3rd and 4th sessions, we will integrate this information into your body through the Somatic Parts Work which will calibrate your nervous system to this new imprint of your unique self-expression so that you can feel safer to hold paradoxes of your nature without feeling the internal resistance that makes you stuck. You will have your 3rd session - Somatic Parts Work with me (Karina) & 4th session - Somatic Parts Work / Integration with my co-coach Anna.



In-Depth Mapping (with Karina)

The 5th and 6th sessions are going to be focused on in-depth analysis of the influence of the imprints of your Inner & Outer Planets. This is where "the devil is in details". You will uncover how exactly your Light is designed to shine, how to feel balanced & anchored in your work, what is driving your deepest focus, how to magnetise people with your voice & message, what energises you mostly in what you do & what values do you stand for so your audience can feel emotional connection to your movement.

Then we continue with the expansion & teaching aspect of your signature work that is designed to bring you good fortune with your work,  the alchemy of constrictions & possible pain in your life that are  meant to be turned into serious & disciplined mission of your brand, your path to bring innovation &  revolutionary flavour to how you do your work in this world, the way to bring art, mystery & your unique version of spirituality to the expression of your business, as well as the birth & rebirth cycles with your Life's Work so you can experience transformation, staying rooted in your deepest truth.

Somatic Reweaving (with Karina and Anna)

Then during the 7th and 8th sessions, we will deepen the dialog with versions of you who are still not ready to claim your big magic. We won't be "throwing  away" these parts of you but rather finding them a better suited role so the wisdom of these protectors have more  potency & practical use in your business and life.  You will have your 7th session - Somatic Parts Work with me (Karina) & 8th session - Somatic Parts Work / Integration with my co-coach Anna.



In-Depth Expressing (with Karina)

During 9th and 10th sessions you are going to discover the qualities of the best suited conditions & environment in which your Life's Work is meant to be expressed with the most impact, the type of audience that you are naturally designed to provide your services to, as well as the details about how your signature work is meant to be channeled in the most aligned way so the way you create and structure your offers, content, your visibility strategy, marketing & sales process are matching your natural way of being. We are going to create an embodied strategy so that you have a practical, step-by-step action plan to express the magic of your soul work.

Somatic Reweaving (with Karina and Anna)

Then during the 11th and 12th sessions, once again we will have Somatic Parts Work but this time it's going to be in a form of Parts Board Meeting (no joke, it is a thing :D) so we can present your plan & strategies and reassign the roles of each and every part of your internal system to its proper and most aligned place, so that you can build & sustain your business with more peace, ease & success leveraging the wisdom, gifts & beauty of different departments of your unique nature. 

You will have your 11th session - Somatic Parts Work with me (Karina) & 12th session - Somatic Parts Work & Closing Ceremony with both me  &  my co-coach Anna, so we can beautifully complete this container and celebrate your Hero's Journey together, with all parts on board.


By committing to this program, you will go through a shift from not having a clear picture about how to put your gifts and skills to mission-driven & practical purpose to feeling proud and empowered by witnessing your unique potential that naturally leads and inspires the next steps to create more aligned offers and strategies that support your nuanced needs in business. 


At the same time, you will experience energetic coherence, when all parts of you are marching together in a unified direction - to truly embody your Core Frequency & weave the impact of your work in the collective. When you share, speak, write, or enter the room, others can immediately sense your unique vibe that makes them say “How can I work with you?”


Brand Photo_3.jpg


4/6 Emotional Manifestor
Incarnation Cross of Rulership

I’m a Human Design Specialist & Integrative Somatic Parts Work Coach with additional degrees in journalism and marketing. The golden thread of my signature work is to support you in finding your place on the material plane through initiating your unique vision and direction for your distinctive depth & skills, while you make money with integrity, creating a meaningful difference in the world.

As a little girl, I remember that I would see adults working really hard and hating it...and I had a dream... where everyone has tasks best suited for their talents, and they love every damm part of their job. When I was older, I would always look for what people might be exceptional at, work-wise. Then, I lost touch with this part of myself, lost connection with the power of my voice & hid for a quite a long time. I was that person. Working hard & hating it. When 5 years ago I came across Human Design & found out that the main essence of my energy is to literally see the big picture of someone's material direction... that the love of work is what I value in life & what I am here to consciously communicate about (thanks to my Venus & Mercury placements) ...

... this lost part of me came online with immense passion that later led me to create Human Design Somatics, where I initiate mission-driven people to embody their life purpose in alignment with their unique Human Design blueprint & the capacity of their nervous system to practically translate it into a service-based business that is personally crafted for them, leveraging their gifts & strengths so they can differentiate themselves from the crowd & bring unforgettable impact with their signature work in the world. 



6/2 Emotional Manifestor
Incarnation Cross of Informing

Anna is an Integrative Somatic Parts Work Coach with a degree in Psychology, a yoga teacher, published artist & initiator of Inner Landscapes - a movement of weaving the past stories of the human experience with the alchemy of hope, transmuting the layers of self-oppression into liberation & unconditional acceptance.

Her unique Human Design configuration makes her a very sensitive listener to the deep nuances of your emotional field, and her job is to empower you with genius insights & ideas that make you see much bigger picture, dissecting the hidden layers of your subconscious patterning so that you can step into your unique brilliance with all parts of you on board. 



I have spent the past two decades spinning my wheels, endeavoring to figure out what purpose I am here to serve. I have been experimenting with Human Design for a handful of years, dipping in and out of the system. There have been a number of Human Design readings with other people, some more advanced than others, but I still felt I was not getting a clear picture and continued to fumble around on my own. Then, I saw a posting by Karina and her words resonated with me.

I was amazed at the level of detail that she went through to present a comprehensive reading over sessions. Her readings far outweigh all the other readings I have had. One can tell the passion she has for Human Design. Not only were there recordings of the sessions, but also a PDF of the PowerPoint slides that was shared.

From the beginning of our conversation, Karina made me feel completely at ease, and it was like talking to a dear friend. She is compassionate and is deeply knowledgeable in Human Design. What I liked is that she asked probing questions about where I am in life and really listened to the answers. She was also happy to answer questions that I brought up to clarify certain points or something about Human Design that was not necessarily covered in the session. There is much more clarity after working  with Karina around who I am, who I am supposed to serve, and what my message needs to contain. That in itself is a tremendous breakthrough for me.

I have a clearer understanding of what to be aware of as possible pitfalls, and what my true strengths are for my purpose. If you are willing to take the step, I highly recommend Karina for anyone looking for better self-understanding and seeking a better direction for their future. I am grateful I found her and it was an absolute joy to work with her.

Laurie Johnson


Here are some frequently asked questions about the program. If you would love to talk about it over Zoom, book a Free 30-minute  Alignment Call to explore how this offer can support your dreams…

Can I join this program if I don't have a business?

YES! This program is designed to provide you with a step-by-step Human Design & somatic strategy to bring your business to this world, as well as build it in alignment with the right foundations tailored specifically for you. The only requirement is that you DESIRE to have a business.

I already have a business, is this offer still for me?

YES! When you already have a business it means that you experimented with your offers, marketing & selling in the past. By joining this program you will realign & streamline the way how you show up in those areas based on your unique soul and nervous system blueprint and reposition your brand so that your services stand out in the industry & you attract clients that you love working with because your message is the embodiment of who you naturally are.

What is the difference between the 3-month & 6-month option? I see that the price is the same.

There is no difference in price because in both cases you get the same amount of  sessions & other inclusions. The difference is the time frame you want to go through this journey. The 3-month option (4 sessions per month) is for people who are willing to meet once per week & love to move fast. The 6-month option (2 sessions per month) is for people who need more time to integrate the impact of this work & desire more spaciousness in the process. Also, with the 6-month option you have access to the more extended payment plan. When you choose Pay-in-Full, you get extra juicy bonuses (check the inclusions for more info on bonuses).

When does the program start?

Because it is a private coaching container, the start date can be as soon as 1 week after you enroll  (so that we have time to prepare the tailored presentation based on your design). In the meantime, you can already dive into pre-recorded content in the Living Your Design Portal so you can begin your journey immediately. 

What time are the calls?

When you sign up, you will receive the form so you can provide your availability for the meetings. Based on that I will offer you calendar spots that are suited for both of us.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You have lifetime access to all of the materials. You get your session recordings & presentations by email so you can download them to your devices. You also get lifetime access to the Living Your Design Portal (as long you have access to the Internet). 

I am not well versed in Human Design and / or Somatic Parts Work. Is this still for me? 

YES! The Breath of Stars is designed for anyone and any level. I worked with people who were completely new to those modalities, as well as those who already had reading(s) (or are professionals themselves) and / or were working with the body in the past. This is an individualized offer based on your specific needs & your situation, meant to enhance wherever you are in your process.

I had a Human Design Reading / coaching in the past. How is this different? 

While typical reading brings knowledge through the lens of the information, Somatic Parts Work which is enhanced by understanding the ins & outs of your Human Design chart, is what makes my method different from everything that you have seen so far.  It combines the reading part with the journey of creating a relationship with every trait of your design, felt and experienced in your body, mapped and integrated into your nervous system. That is how you truly embody your unique life purpose, through the deep and intimate devotion to all parts of you, so that more of who you are can be uniquely and authentically expressed in this world. 

Is there a limited time to join?

Because it is a private program, there is no limited time to join, you can start any time BUT there are limited spots available at certain times. The information on how many spots are left will be displayed on the offer page. 

Will you be running this program in the future?

YES, The Breath of Stars is here to stay. The only difference is that the price will rise in the near future, so if you desire to enter the program at the lowest investment level, the time to do it is now.

I am not sure if this is the right time for me to join.

I want you to make aligned decisions based on your inner-authority, not your conditioned fears. That means that you need to know the difference between the two. I am here to support you in making the right, well-informed decision without any push or sales tactics, in full integrity, so if you want to talk this through, or you have any questions that have not been answered yet, we can meet over Zoom for a Free Alignment Call - no strings attached. If that sounds good, you can book your call here.

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the combined value of what’s included inside this container, as well as instant access to the Living Your Design Portal, all sales are final. I want you to make a truly aligned decision coming from your body. I am here to give you an honest opinion if we are a right fit, so if you have doubts, book Free Alignment Call so you know in your bones if this program is right for you.

Anything else?

Please get in touch with me via email:, and in meantime, if you haven't watched yet, register for my free workshop - The Somatic Map to Your Life Purpose to get an overview of how this method works so you can start the journey of discovering the characteristics of your Core Essence right now!

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